Feeling at home

My contract got extended and I will stay until April, which is amazing.

My brother has been visiting me for 3 weeks, we had a great time and my little homesickness got cured.

Furthermore I realized how amazing my life here is, that I have great friends, an everyday life that I love and a job I enjoy. A very satisfying routine started.

Professionally I enjoy all marketing activities I am doing. Step by step I am increasing our supply of marketing material while also creating events for our product demonstrations. In 2 weeks there is Energy Week in Kampala and I am excited about the feedback for the cooking competition I will launch. The idea is to make potential customers familiar with the new technology of an energy-efficient cooking stove and to switch from selling stoves to providing life quality: great tasting food. Despite that, the charcoal stove sells very successfully, I enjoy working with the manufacturer and coordinating stove supply. More and more often I am doing grant applications, which becomes more and more a routine and less and less uncomfortable. My job is diverse and the daily life at the start-up is exciting and fun, while my colleagues are amazing.

In my free time I am doing a lot of diverse sports, I learned sailing and started boxing, both is a lot of fun. Also culturally I am understanding more and more and improve step by step. 

Of course I travelled even more, hiked up  beautiful Mount Moroto, watched the stunning Murchinson Falls from above and observed  the beautiful wildlife. Uganda is really diverse and offers a lot. Soon I will do a holiday, climbing in Kenya and kitesurfing and diving in Zanzibar.

Overall I am very happy, satisfied and enjoy my life with both, an amazing job and great leisure activities.